Skin Care Favorites

It is officially winter in Ohio which means cold, snow and even more cold. It can do a number on my skin. Here are some of my recent go-to products to keep my skin halfway decent. As you can tell, there is a theme below. {roses <3}



For ideal skin, you have to start with a clean slate. My favorite cleanser (for years!) has been the Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh Skin Care. It is light but mighty as it removes all makeup, even mascara! It doesn’t lather or do anything fancy. This is a simple cleanser that works well. It has never dried or irritated my skin – during ANY months. It can be pricy, but a little goes a long way. Sephora carries this in many sizes, so feel free to snag a sample to give it a go. {$38.00/5.1oz | $15.00/1.7 oz}

It’s good to exfoliate a couple times per week. For me, simple and affordable is great, but I will spend on the right products that work for me. This is not one of them. I use natural ingredients that I have (and so will you) right in your home. Organic white cane sugar works well as a natural exfoliator! I keep a little jar of it in my shower and I apply it as I am finishing up my shower. Give your pores time to open up with the steam. If you want to add some extras to your sugar scrub, feel free to add one or more of the following: coconut oil, olive oil, lemon, or honey. I don’t have a measurement on anything, just add what you think your skin needs. Oils moisturize, lemon acts as a toner to brighten and honey is antibacterial which can help treat and prevent acne (this helps during that “time of the month”.)



I recently switched my daily moisturizer a couple weeks ago because I needed something that works and that I could use a lot of. My skin is combination, but more on the dry side. I like the thickness of this cream without the greasiness of others. I also love that it has a light SPF since there is still sun during these Winter months. It also has no scent and does not interfere with my makeup. {$12.99}

Serums & Face Oils

Both of these products have been successful with my skin. I take incredibly hot showers, so sometimes my skin needs a little extra that my moisturizer can’t do.

The Fresh Seaberry Face Oil {$52.00} lasted me a long time! I used it 3-4x per week and like most, a little goes a long way. I switched to Mario Badescu Rose Hips Nourishing Oils {$22.00} because I tried a sample from Ulta and I liked how the Rose Hips smelled and left my skin feeling. I’m all for trying new products, so I bought a full size of this and so far so good! It’s light and absorbs quickly.

Tinted Moisturizer

bareminerals-complexion-rescue-skincareMost days I want to go for a more natural look, so I reach for BareMinerals Complexion Rescue. It provides light coverage with another dose of SPF moisturizer. I never use this with a face oil, but it pairs nicely with my Simple daily moisturizer. I tend to have a red tint to my complexion. This smooth’s everything out so I have a hydrated look without caking product on. My skin can breath. I typically pair this with mascara, light eyeliner and tinted chap stick. {$29.50}

Face Mask


To be honest, I don’t use face masks often. I am bad at keeping up with a routine so this one falls off now and again. I aim for once a week with this mask. I have a smaller sample that I have used either after a shower or right before bed. I love how this doesn’t become so dry on your face that your skin feels tight and uncomfortable. Again, rose seems to do well with my skin. This is a gel like consistency that I leave on for 5-8 minutes, wash off and finish with my moisturizer or face oil. {$62.00}

Facial Spray


Last but certainly not least, Mario Badescu Facial Spray. This stuff is a steal at only {$7.00} per 4 ounces. Apply 2-3 sprays to this on a clean or freshly applied makeup face to add a little life back into your skin. I do not travel without this bottle of heaven. After a long flight or mid-way through a day, spritz yourself with this and you will be as good as new. I swear by this stuff. Try it!

The best way to try some of these products is to buy a skincare kit. It includes smaller sizes of products for half the cost. Here is one that I purchased for $60.00 last year:


I hope this list helps you conquer the Winter months with better, more hydrated skin! Don’t forget that it starts from within, so drink plenty of water and take vitamins such as Biotin and Omega-3. Green tea always works as well. Drink up!


** this post is not sponsored by any of the above mentioned companies. all opinions are my own

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