Café Chase – Montreal & Brooklyn

I love to travel and one of my favorite places to “sought out” are local cafes. A couple months ago I knew I would be going to Montreal and New York City. A great way to land on local finds is Instagram! Of course I filter through Pinterest and other city blogs, but I have found my favorite places via Insta.

Tommy’s Café – Old Montreal

Above is the photo that caught my eye. I’m obsessed with anything that has black and white stripes, so I am assuming that is what drew me to click on it. After scrolling through their feed, I knew this was a stop I had to take. Between the stunning detailS, perfect latte art, and hanging greenery it made it a “must stop” on my list. Thankfully my family wanted to take us on a tour of Old Montreal and this café was in the heart of it all. I ordered a Chai latte and it was the best I’ve ever had! There was a greenery chandelier in the middle of the ceiling that cascaded down. To top it all off, they used one of my photos on their feed. Check it out!

this is the one they used for Instagram!

Bakeri – Brooklyn

As you can see from the photo above, everything drew me in. Don’t you want to hop into this situation?! Floral wallpaper, B&W checkered floor, café tables, lattes, and fresh baked pastries. I had a free day to explore Manhattan and Brooklyn solo and I knew this was one breakfast I had to have! Coincidentally my husband and I stayed in Brooklyn (way more affordable!) and it was a 15 minute drive from our hotel to the bakery. It is situated on a residential street so I was nervous about parking, but the most amazing thing happened – a car right in front of the bakery pulled out as we were coming down the street. It was perfect AND we walked in to two available seats at their bar top which had a view of the bakers making fresh dough. We ordered lattes with biscuits and eggs. Let me tell you – the herbed biscuit was a little piece of heaven! The décor was mixed matched and the floral wall paper with the checkered floor was as perfect as it is on Instagram. I will always make this a stop when I am in NYC and you should too! Click here for more info!


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