Baking to Blooms

I am coming up on my anniversary with The Fleur And Flour! On Sunday, October 21st I will be celebrating TWO YEARS as Owner of what started as ideas in my head, to a Pinterest board, then becoming a working business. It has been an amazing journey so far and now having a store front within the Northside Marketplace, I get to showcase those items to the public.

This process has been exhausting, frustrating, empowering, fun, and an amazing way to meet local makers and businesses! It is time consuming, but very rewarding. With my anniversary approaching I took time to reflect on what this business means to me. With the demands of my full time job and wearing the titles of wife, mom, friend, daughter, etc – I wanted to reevaluate. What do I enjoy creating the most? The Fleur And Flour has mainly focused on baked goods with some floral elements. While I love baking – it is time consuming, messy, and most annoyingly… perishable! Which has me baking A LOT.

I have decided to switch things up a bit and focus more on floral and home décor. I love flowers – fresh, faux, dried, pressed… I love it all. This is what makes me the happiest. Don’t worry… I know the holiday’s means cookies and baked goods so I will definitely be stocking my shelves during the upcoming weeks! And you can always custom order from my menu found on my website.

I will also be taking a look at my price points and moving some things around. After polling some of my friends and family via Instagram (thank you if you participated!) I have some new items in the pipeline. One of the Q&A’s reveals that most of you prefer to shop online. While I will have some items on display at Northside Marketplace, some items will be posted online via my social media and offered as a first come, first served basis. Many items will be one of a kind, so if you like something act fast!

I look forward to this new focus and can’t wait for you to see my new items – especially during the Christmas season as it is my FAVORITE!

If you have any questions or inquiries – please shoot me a message on my “Contact” page. Thank you for your support and understanding ❤


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