Fresh Picks: Herb Garden + Baked Lavender Lemon

Introducing my new candle scents!

I am always so excited to create my own scents. I have a huge list of combination hopefuls that might make it to my shelves seasonally {and ones that I make for my own house.} Here is the inspiration behind these candles.


Spring is all about new growth and fresh herbs. I knew I wanted candle with a basil base. I love to cook with basil and the smell is very fragrant. I also love the spiciness of cilantro. I make tacos every week and love to top off my dishes with fresh cilantro. To keep this candle fresh, I added cucumber as a mild enhancer. Although it’s a vegetable and not an herb, they are often grown together and are complimentary scents. This is a great candle to burn early morning and through out the day as you have the windows open on a sunny day!


I am so excited about this scent! My original Lavender Lemongrass candle had a vanilla base and was a fresh floral candle with a touch of citrus. This time when I was testing scents for my next order, I wanted to see what Baked Bread smelled like in the combo. I instantly fell in love. I wanted to keep the bakery aspect in my candles and with Strawberry Poptart almost sold out, this was the perfect way. I bake Lavender Lemon Sugar Cookies often and they are the perfect blend of lavender and lemon with vanilla baked and best enjoyed warm out of the oven. Baked Lavender Lemon still has the fresh, floral/citrus scent, but has an undernote of baked bread to give it depth. If you liked Lavender Lemongrass, don’t shy away from this. It’s very similar – but even better! 

I hope you enjoy these new scents! Each are $15 for an 8oz soy candle in a clear rocks glass adorn with a clear label. You’ll find them at Northside Marketplace starting Saturday (5/11) and you can always order from me! Happy FriYAY!

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