January 1st marks a new year – 2017!

2016 was a year filled of adventure. I traveled, a lot. {New Orleans, Dallas (twice), Waco, Miami, Orlando, San Antonio, San Francisco and best of all Europe  – London, Paris and Rome.}

This year I came up with broad “goals” for 2017 in hopes to generally live a simpler, happier life.

1.) Stay Healthy

Mind, body and soul. I feel that I focus so much on other things that I don’t leave time to better myself. If I spent half the time DOING instead of “Pinteresting”, I would be golden!

2.) Do not be afraid to fail

I need a serious dose of believing in myself. I suffer from FOBO – fear of better options. Failure is part of the process and I will learn from it. I will trust myself.

3.) Put my marriage first

It should NEVER take a backseat to anything. We all have long days at work, but I can’t come home and give my husband the leftovers of how I feel. Not every day will be 100%, but I will always try.

Apart from these resolutions, I look to my handy {Kate Spade} planner for fun additions every month. This is January’s list:


I will post a recap at the end of the month with my February list to see how well I did.

Happy New Year! I am so excited to continue this adventure.


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