Lush & Lovely Floral Workshop

Earlier this month I signed up for a floral arrangement workshop at Lush & Lovely Floristry in Ohio City/Cleveland. I have been obsessing with this shop on Instagram for months and saw that they offer different workshops throughout the month. This year a goal of mine with F&F was to incorporate more floral into my markets and possibly book more floral opportunities.

I drove 45 minutes and walked up to the cutest little flower shop located in Ohio City, just minutes from downtown Cleveland. The class size was small with 8 people which was perfect for the workshop. Buckets of beautiful flowers lined the perimeter of the shop alongside a table with a clear vase and floral shears.

Brianna is the proud owner of Lush & Lovely and she welcomed us all with a smile and snacks to share. She started the workshop with some tips and tricks that she has learned over the year to keep your blooms fresh and long lasting. I will admit that I have unknowingly been breaking some of her floral advice for years – which is probably why my vase water is green and smells like a swamp!

Some quick tips: clear all leaves below your arrangement so nothing but stems hit the water, change your water every other day, add flower food packet in increments with new water.

After some information, she demonstrated how she starts building arrangements starting with greenery, adding in bold/showcase flowers, and ending with fillers. After more design tips, she opened it up for us to grab and build our own arrangements. As you may know, roses are my favorite flower so I knew I wanted to incorporate those! I picked 3 different types of greenery, added (stunning) pale pink/peach Heart Roses and coral Spray Roses, then finished some burgundy and yellow fillers alongside some Erynguin Planum (blue caps). Brianna commented that my arrangement reminded her of late Summer – and I agree! I was very indecisive about my choices in the beginning, but once I stopped over thinking everything and started pulling flowers that I liked, it all came together!

Here is my final product! I love having this arrangement displayed at my home (even though my cats have tried many times to snack on them.)

For more information – click to visit Lush & Lovely Floristry’s website for floral and other local items!

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