F&F Find: Paris Tea

There is something therapeutic about a warm cup of tea at night while lounging in comfy cloths catching up on my TV shows. I travel several times a year for work and while everyone is downing their cup of jo, I stick with tea when available. I notice my body accepts it better, it calms me down (even with caffeine), and I love the different flavors – some days plain black tea with honey, other days I switch it up to a flavor with a hint of fruit or citrus.

While I enjoy a nice cup of coffee, I limit myself to one either in the morning if I cannot wake up or for the afternoon if I need a pick-me-up while I typically drink my tea at night. I don’t order fancy coffee at Starbucks although I am guilty of obsessing over seasonal flavors (side bar – the Blonde Vanilla Latte has been my recent favorite.) My go-to tea at Starbucks is a London Fog(their original recipe for a London Fog is Vanilla, but I prefer the Hazelnut with the Earl Grey tea.) I like my coffee light and my tea bold/strong usually steeping for longer than recommended.

Photo via Starbucks website

When my husband and I were in London, we enjoyed an AMAZING English Afternoon High Tea experience at the historic Dorchester Hotel. This hotel is known for its tea experience and hits many top lists. Read more about our London experience HERE. It was at this hotel that I was introduced to a tea named Paris. It was the best tea I have ever tasted – complex but sweet flavors – and for a while, I craved it wishing I could experience it again.

It wasn’t until I was in Charlotte, NC when I saw “Paris Black Tea” written on the menu board at Amelie’s, a French local bakery. Excited, I ordered it iced (it was summer) and expecting to be disappointed that the taste wouldn’t live up to what I had in London. I was pleasantly surprised that it was exactly what I had tasted in London! It was different being iced instead of hot, but the taste was undeniable.

What is in Paris Tea? Paris tea is a fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors and a hint of lemony Bergamot. My brand of choice is Harney & Sons, Master Tea Blenders – coincidentally the same distributor of the Paris Tea I had in London! For a self-proclaimed tea enthusiast, I am excited to have this tea proudly sitting in its tin on my kitchen counter.

Give it a try – you can order here on Harney & Sons website! Try a sample, go for it in its loose version, or in bags/sachets. My recommendation is either try the sample (and a couple other teas they offer!) If you fall in love, purchase the tin with 20 sachets then reorder the 50 teabags. The purple tin looks pretty for storage and it’s properly labeled. Plus they always offer free ground domestic shipping, yay!

Use code valentines18 to receive 20% off your order before 2/14/18!

I hope you enjoy – comment with your favorite tea flavors/brands below! I am always looking for new ones to try.

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