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March 21st was National Perfume Day, so I’m a little late on posting this but I wanted to share my two “go-to” fragrances that I have been obsessed with for years now.

One of my favorite skincare lines is Fresh and they have many fragrances that are light but last all day.

Fresh Life

My late spring and summer scent is Fresh Life which reminds me of a sunny, summer day. Yup – I know that sounds cheesy, but one spritz of this and you will know what I mean! When I was looking for a new scent – I wanted something that wasn’t heavy on the floral. The main note of this is citrus and bergamont complimented by vanilla and very light floral. I get compliments all the time from this fragrance and I don’t get tired of smelling it all day. I have been wearing this scent for almost 5 years and still love it!

Fresh Life




Notes: Grapefruit, Lilac Leaves, Magnolia, Amber, Orange, Tonka Flowers, Sweet Cucumber, Moss, Bergamot, Vanilla, and Cyress. {Style: Sensual, Immediate, Fresh}

1oz/30ml – $50 | 3.3oz/100ml – $90 | .33oz Rollerball – $25

click to purchase from Fresh 

click to purchase from Sephora

Fresh Brown Sugar

I was wearing Fresh Life during Spring and Summer and then switching to Jadore Dior for Fall and Winter as it has more of a warm feel. While I love Jadore, I didn’t like the price tag and the fact that my summer and winter scents were nothing alike. I was completely switching my scent. Last year I was determined to find something that complimented what I wore in the summer, but with warmer notes. I was so excited when I sampled Fresh Brown Sugar. Keeping it in the same line, this also had citrus as the main note with compliments of warm brown sugar, vanilla, caramel, and amber.




Notes: Sicilian Lemon, Tangerine, Acai Berries, Magnolia, Honeysuckle, Peach Necter, Caramel, Amber, and Cypress. {Style: Invigorating, Effervescent, Sugar-like}

1oz/30ml – $50 | 3.3oz/100ml – $90

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Now I have a year-round fragrance that is affordable, reminiscent of each other, and scents that do not tire after all day of wear. Go to your local Fresh or Sephora store to give these gems (and this line) a try!


featured photo is from mystyledlife blog // other photos are from

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