Hanging up the Rolling Pin


Of course after my one year review and goals list, I drop the ball on writing an entry for over a month! Life has shifted focus to preparing for baby Mason. Nesting is a real thing and my husband and I have been busy cleaning, organizing, and putting final touches on the nursery. We had an amazing Thanksgiving with family and decorated the house for Christmas. I know you are never “ready” for a baby, but I feel as if we are in a pretty great place and would be just fine with him making his grand arrival any day now.

At over 38 weeks pregnant, my body has been growing and moving slower than ever – but I was able to complete an order for a local Akron Art Gallery for their Holiday Open House a couple weeks ago. It was the hardest time in the kitchen (bending over and standing at the counter) but it was very satisfying when dropping off to the happy customer!

December is notorious for baking and with my due date quickly approaching, I have decided to “hang up my rolling pin” for the remainder of 2017. I am excited to take this time to focus on my family and soak up every little moment. I will take a full 12 weeks for maternity leave and I hope to use some of this time to create new menu items for 2018 in time for the local craft shows that start in the Spring. I will still be taking individual orders as they come via the website, but will be shutting down for December (maybe even January.)

I appreciate all of your support and I can’t wait to get back into things with my new mini baking side-kick!



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