Happy Birthday, F&F!

Today the fleur and flour turns ONE!



A year ago I decided to take a risk and try something new with blogging, baking, and floral. I have done more in this past year with F&F than I ever thought! I had zero expectations for what it would become – only using a little roadmap to get started. I am a planner by nature, so one would think I would have this well thought out master plan, but I didn’t and I still don’t!

My goal over the summer/spring 2017 was to be a part of one market per month and I did! We were included in the Ohio’s Markers Market, Bebop on the Block, Hudson Flea, Fashion in the Falls, Kate Spade, Event at Zeber-Martell Studio & Gallery and Brunswick Pumpkin Festival!

My Goals for 2018


I love to write. Looking back at the posts I have written make me feel so accomplished to see what inspired me to write that day. My original goal was to write 1-2 posts per week and sadly, that was not the case this year. I love to write, but finding the time is difficult! I have written over 20 posts and each one of them means something to me and I hope you have enjoyed them. My goal for 2018 is to post either once a week or 3-4 times per month. Now less than 8 weeks away from welcoming my first child, I know that will be adding more to my plate. But hopefully it will spark inspiration and keep me going as this is something I love to do and gives me extra “me time.”



I want to start off as this has been a love/hate relationship through EVERY market. I start with the menu and try to theme it with the event. Then I come up (basically guess) the quantities on how much to bake. Boy do I overachieve sometimes because when it comes to actually baking those quantities, I get overwhelmed. I am fortunate enough to have had LOTS of help from my sister (Kim) and my husband (Brian) or else most of those markets would have been pretty bare! My goal for this Fall/Winter is to experiment with new recipes (especially during my maternity leave – as much as I can haha!) and researching local events that I can be a part of in 2018. I keep getting the question, “where are you located or where is your shop?” I love this question because it makes me think that MAYBE someday I will find something small in the Cuyahoga Falls area that I can possibly take the jump and open something of my own. That thought literally scares me to pieces, but for now I am perfectly content on how I am running things out of my home (maybe with a better kitchen in the future! 😉


My favorite part of it all. I am nowhere near qualified to call myself a florist. I am an admirer of flowers and love to make pretty things with them. I haven’t had much practice with arranging yet, but the event in September (Fashion in the Falls) gave me the opportunity I needed to really challenge myself. I was pleasantly surprised with what my mind and hands created. It is one of my favorite pieces I have made all year. I constantly keep up with (mainly) faux floral in my house and my pride and joy is my fireplace mantle décor which I change every 2-3 months to match my mood, the season, and of course whatever Bath and Body Works scent I have filling my home! So floral is something that I continuously play with – arranging, seeking prints, accessories, etc. My goal is to take a couple local workshops, shop more locally, and find opportunities for F&F to be a part of.

Last but certainly not least, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me, bought one or many baked goods, purchased flowers, visited me at a market, liked/commented/followed me on social media, read a blog post… the list goes on. You are the fuel that keeps me going. This is something that I have created and while it’s a work in progress, you have helped keep it going and make it to a year. I am forever grateful and I can’t wait for you to see what is in the future for the fleur and flour!



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