F&F Finds


I recently discovered this band while attending a James Bay concert at the Agora Theater in ClevelandI had no idea who the opening act was. Since my husband is in a band, he always thoroughly checks out the stage set up. We noticed only three microphones placed at center stage as everything else was covered for the main band. The house music stopped, the lights dimmed and out walked three ladies – one holding a guitar. The crowd went silent as the ladies started to sing. From the very first note, I was hooked. They harmonized perfectly – it was hauntingly beautiful as their voices captured the venue. Mid-way through their first song, the crowd went crazy. Everyone was asking, “who are they!?” After the second song, our question was answered as the girl playing the guitar said, “We are Joseph!” Immediately I Googled them so I wouldn’t forget their name.

Joseph is comprised of three sisters – Natalie (oldest) with Allie and Meegan, who happen to be twins.

Rarely do these moments happen, but when they do, you’ll never forget when and where you first saw a particular band. As much as I love James Bay (hat and all), I totally forgot anything else when Joseph was on stage. Their set was about 30 minutes long and I knew I had to buy their album ASAP. Unfortunately, the line for merch was a mile long after the show so I hopped online and ordered their record on vinyl which included a digital download. As I impatiently waited for their record, I YouTubed their album, “I’m Alone, No You’re Not” and it has been on repeat ever since. Their songs resonate with me because their lyrics tell a story. My favorite song is Hundred Ways with a lyric – “These are the times, when going up is not a straight line.”

Give them a listen. You won’t regret it!   |    Click to preview (Hundred Ways)



Seasonal Scents

I am a candle hoarder – at least I can admit it. My go-to store is Bath and Body Works. They just always get it right with my favorite scents plus their holiday displays are on point!

Here is a list of favorites by season:

I do a happy dance every time someone enters my house and says, “It smells like (insert season) in here!” And yes I coordinate my candles with my wall flowers!

Esther Boutique

I love this boutique shop located in Australia. Pinterest introduced me to Esther when I was browsing the Fashion section. I ordered my first dress to give it a try which is a commitment because the shipping alone is $25 to the USA! I love their products and have several Esther dresses in my closet. They have everything from comfy casual to designer glam in clothing, accessories and shoes. I follow them on Instagram and stalk their website for new arrivals several times per week. Once you check them out, you will too!


all images taken from Esther’s website
This post is not sponsored and reflects my own opinions 


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