Beauty and the Beast




Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past 48 hours, you should have seen or at least heard the new Beauty and the Beast trailer. Oh my, it is everything and more! On March 17th you will find me sobbing in the theater while I watch this movie.

The trailer alone has gotten over 15 million views and counting! as of 11/16/16

Beauty and the Beast is more than just another Disney movie. It brings with it sweet nostalgia. Memories as a child watching this with my dad while I was dressed up, going to Disney on Ice, and owning many accessories pretending I was Belle. This feeling has stayed with me throughout the years and in adulthood. My daddy-daughter dance was to “Tale as Old as Time.” For my first wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with tickets to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway in Lexington, Kentucky. You better believe I shed tears of joy as I heard the first note of the film score played by the orchestra! I even coordinated my outfit for the occasion (see below!) It is also, perhaps, where my love for roses comes from.

I write this post with a big smile on my face (and emotions flowing through me.)

Here is my Beauty and the Beast Inspiration Guide – all Etsy photos have a caption with each shop name – tap on the photo to view.

Chi-Chi London Rose Print Dress

This dress says it all. I bought it off ASOS last summer once I knew we were going to a Broadway show. I wanted something dressy and appropriately themed for the occasion. The moment I saw this dress – I knew I needed it. Of course they didn’t have it in my size the first couple times I stalked it, but my craziness paid off and I was able to snag it.

visit Dressed Up Deniz as she perfectly showcases this dress with better photography!


I love Etsy for all things, but mostly to find unique items while helping small businesses / business owners. Here are some every day ways to add some magic to your outfit.


I wish my budget was endless because I would own all three of these. I did, however, try on the Jimmy Choo’s for possible wedding shoes and ended up passing on them once the price tag sunk in. My bank account thanks me, but I will never forget these heels.


Disney is known for the best feel-good quotes and Beauty and the Beast had many. Why not have small reminders hung up in your office, room or in my case, our guest bedroom? I bought standard aluminum letters at my local craft store and sprayed them a copper / rose gold color. The phrase “Be Our Guest” sits above the headboard.

Disney World – Be Our Guest Restaurant

For my 27th birthday, my good friend Alisha and I took an impromptu trip to Disney to be kids again. We made breakfast reservations at Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland. I had butterflies in my stomach as we approached it! We sat in the main ballroom and ate pastries and French-inspired menu items. We couldn’t pass up “the Grey Stuff” which came in cupcake form and tasted like Oreo – yes it was delicious! If you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast, you have to make this a bucket list item! After breakfast, we participated in Storytime with Belle and I am proud to say that I was picked to be a dancing picture frame as we acted out a story. Yes, it is all on video. My take home souvenir was a Chip mug.


I hope that you always have adventure in your life and know that love will always find a way.


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