World Series Watch Party

The 2016 World Series – the Cleveland Indians vs the Chicago Cubs – two teams that always have the odds stacked against them. Only 354.5 miles separate these cities and we have a full weekend of baseball coming up – Friday through Sunday.

What a time to be a Clevelander! Not one, not two, but three Championships have been hosted in this great city this year!

Photo credit: Celena Zevnik

Unless you paid a small fortune for tickets, you will most likely be watching the game at a bar or in the comfort of your home. You can still get the feel of the ballpark while hosting a get together with friends or family at home. Even better, without all the hassle! I love a themed get together, but sometimes they can be more of a pain than it’s worth. Let the game be the entertainment and add some extras that complement the experience. Here are a couple ideas to still enjoy those classic snacks without the long lines and stadium pricing.


Nothing says baseball like a hot dog. For me its relish, stadium mustard and fresh onions. The toppings are endless and people like choices. Get creative or stick with the favorites. This is a fun way to present several options yet keeping it simple. Amy from Atta Girl Says blog had the right idea with her Toppings Bar. The toppings of choice were, chopped onions, sweet pickle relish, slaw, pineapple and mango salsa, cheese, pickles, grilled onions and grilled peppers. Serve with “picnic print” napkins for an added touch. Displays are pleasing to the eye and functional for self serving.

Photo Credit: Atta Girl Says

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Serve warm with yellow mustard or cheese for dipping. Enough said! Make it easy on yourself and buy the frozen kind, thaw and warm in the oven. It’s all about presentation.



When hosting a get together, I try to offer a variety. My friends and family are across the board with tastes in beer. We have the simple Bud Light/Miller Light fans to the craft beer, IPA drinkers. It’s nice to offer something even if it’s BYOB. Stick to a light beer and a lager. Your beer snob friend or family member will already know to BYOB so don’t stress about it! My go to beers are Bud Light and Yuengling or Sam Adams Boston Lager. Since I am cheering for the Indians, I recommend Miller Light (Andrew Miller time!)


Most grocery stores carry “throw back” glass bottles of your favorite sodas – Pepsi, Coca Cola, 7up, Cream and orange soda.


Peanuts are essential as a pre and during the game snack. Buy a couple bags of peanuts, dump them into a medium aluminum bucket (found at a local craft store) and let people serve themselves. Cracker Jacks are individual boxes which make for easy serving. The best part… everyone gets a little surprise inside. As for candy, you can’t go wrong with Twizzlers and snack sized Baby Ruths. Compliments the theme and easy to serve!


Look the part by repping your team. Sure you can go to your local Dicks Sporting Goods, but I prefer to shop local. Here are some shops to grab unique and clever Cleveland threads:

b.lovely – Ohio shirts – good for any sport/any season (link in name)

** mention this post and get 30% off any Ohio gear in store ONLY Thursday 10/27 (3:30-7pm) and Saturday 10/29 (10-3pm) at 4210 Hudson Drive, Stow, Ohio

Cle Clothing Company – step up your sock game with their skyline print (link in name)

Homage – you can’t go wrong with crew neck sweaters, especially during the cold weather (link in name)

Whichever team you are cheering for, these items are sure to win over your guests!

Photo Credit: Lauren Noe

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