Mapleside Farms


Mapleside Farms is located in Brunswick, Ohio on acres of beautiful land full of corn fields and apple orchards. Since it was me and my husband’s first time to this farm, we decided the 45 minute drive was worth it after reading reviews online and seeking friend recommendations.
72 degrees and sunny was the forecast as we started our drive. We decided to take the scenic route (adding 5 more minutes to our drive) through the Cuyahoga Valley. The golden rays of sun peaked through the fall foliage, guiding us through the twists and turns of the back roads. We decided to listen to Mutemath, one of our favorite bands, to add to the atmosphere.
Upon arrival, we noticed the parking lots were full and the crowd was getting bigger. Committed to our plans, we bought an all-inclusive ticket for $12 to the entire farm that included hayrides, two corn mazes, an animal encounter and many wonderful views of the farm.
Our first stop was a hayride through the apple orchard. We meandered our way through rows after rows of apple trees, snapping some pictures along the way.
Next, it was time to conquer the corn mazes. The first was a simple kid friendly “Square Pumpkin” maze with clues along the way. The next was an homage to our “Hometown Hero” Lebron James with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This one we made wrong turns (some on purpose to lead us away from the crowds), but finally we found our way to the end. I couldn’t pass up talking to the animals so we walked to the petting area where we found sheep, goats, a donkey, ducks and a baby calf. I wish I could take them all home with me!
After about an hour and a half of activities, we were ready for a snack. Heading back up near the entrance, we found a sign reading “apple cider slushies.” Two slushies, a cup of homemade mac and cheese and a walking taco later, we sat down pigged out. We knew we wanted to grab some homemade apple cider and the slushies seal the deal as it was refreshing and tasty.
Lastly, we headed into the shop to grab some apples, apple cider and pumpkins. For $6.00 we picked four different kinds of apples (Melrose, Mutsu, Jonathon and Early Golds), around 15 apples all together – each excellent for eating and baking. Happy with our gatherings, we checked out and headed back to the car taking the same route back through the Valley. Their logo caught my eye – Mapleside Farms, making memories since 1927. It was a perfect Fall day date with my husband. A memory that won’t soon fade away.
What are your favorite local pumpkin farms / apple orchards?

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