Floral Swaddles

I love being a mom of a son, but my love for everything floral has to be contained! Maybe someday I will have a little girl (who’s name I already have selected) and she will be showered in rose/floral.

My favorite swaddle is the softest lightweight blanket that is a gorgeous rich burgundy from Spearmint LOVEand also available at Little Unicorn! It’s in the color Pomegranate and I’m obsessed {available here}. It is Mason’s go-to blanket when in the car seat, while napping, and it’s the perfect cover for when I am nursing since it’s breathable.

Pomegranate Swaddle

They have many prints that I love, but I adore all their floral items!

Here are some of my favorites:


this is not an ad – all opinions are my own – happy shopping!

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