Reminiscing on Europe


It has been one year today that my husband and I jet set to Europe for a trip I had been planning for years! It was at the top of my bucket list to go to Rome and I knew that I wanted to make the trip before we started a family. It meant a lot to me that we could go as a couple and fully enjoy ourselves without worrying about anything at home. We are so lucky that we had the opportunity, the means financially, and the time off from work to make it all happen. It was a trip that I will never forget and I have already started planning another one in 2019!

Traveling to Europe gave me an experience that I can’t fully put into words. It was a feeling of wonder and excitement. Our trip was 10 days, 4 cities – London, Paris, Rome and Naples. Originally it was only Rome, but something in me couldn’t pass up taking full advantage of visiting neighboring cities. So one city turned into four! I booked through Tripmasters for discounts on flight and tours. We stayed at an AirBnb for London and Paris and a hotel in Rome. Naples/Pompeii was a full day trip so we didn’t have to worry about lodging.

A quick recap of each city…


We wanted to start in London because it was less of a culture shock. English is the primary language, so talking to the locals/directing around the city was easier. Honestly, the Underground system is unlike anything I have ever experienced. We bought day passes and used it to go EVERYWHERE! It was easy, clean, and affordable. Landmarks we visited were The Tower of London where the Crown Jewels are housed, Parliament, The Dorchester for afternoon tea, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and many more! We ended our trip with an unforgettable tour of Warner Brothers Studio London – the filming location for all of the Harry Potter movies. I was fan-girl freaking the whole time!


This was the city we spent the least amount of time in and it was the one that had the most impact on me personally. Paris spoke to me; it inspired me. It felt so right to be in that city! (it has been most of my inspiration for The Fleur And Flour!) We wandered around, took a tour, and ate pastries! We saw the Eiffel tower every night and it was nothing short of magical. My favorite place (in the whole world maybe) was Sainte-Chapelle Cathedral – stain glass everywhere! It was breathtaking. When we left Paris, it was not goodbye, but “until next time!” #PipersinParis


This city was on my bucket list for years! I have read books and watched many documentaries. It has a dark past, but the architecture is unlike anything of its age. Ancient Rome made me speechless. When we entered the Colosseum all I could do was touch the walls, shake my head, and think “wow, I am actually here.” Everything had a story, a journey. That is why we went to Naples and Pompeii – history that you have to see to understand. Next is the food, WOW! It was the best food I have ever eaten. Enough said!

For the full posts on each city

click on the city name

London (& Harry Potter)



Visit the Facebook page for video of each city! I am so glad we brought the GoPro!

My hope for 2019 is a longer stay in Paris and hopefully a couple days in Italy (Venice or somewhere on the Amalfi coast). I know it will be different leaving our son behind, but traveling is important to me and the experiences I shared with my husband on our last trip was priceless!

I have been taking notes from one of my favorite bloggers – Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam – and her post about her ‘Winter Guide to Paris”Although I would probably go in the Fall.

Has anyone visited Paris and/or Venice/Amalfi Coast in late October? How was your experience? Any notes about the weather?



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