Mise en Place

As my first post, I thought I should start with the basics. I knew early on that I was drawn to creating experiences. What more appropriate career path than aspiring to be an event planner? With a direction in mind, I set off to college at Kent State University in the Hospitality Management program. During my second semester, a professor taught me a lesson that will stick with me for life. Three words, Mise en Place. A French phrase mainly used in the kitchen translated to “everything in its place” or “a constant state of readiness”. It is a simple phrase with a powerful meaning. When an idea is planned and organized beforehand, the journey to reaching the end product tends to go smoother. With that being said, now being a full time Meeting and Event Coordinator, rarely does everything go 100% exactly as planned, but preplanning is a necessity. Mise en Place has been my mantra for years and I want to start this blog in the same manner by explaining the layout and what to expect. Most everything in this blog will have herbal/floral elements to it (baking, prints, design, beauty and more.)


the fleur and flour has been a concept building in my mind as it incorporates food and floral. In the event world, these two items go hand in hand. It will be the same with this blog. This section will focus more on baked goods and floral design / fresh items. Inspiration hits me daily and I finally have an avenue of my own to capture it all.



We all have different beauty regiments, styles, tastes, hobbies, family dynamics and routines. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. I hope that we can grow off each other and find things that can be added to our every day lives with a personal flare.


A perk of being an event planner is travel and it is a topic that I am very passionate about. Again, I am all about experiences! Life is an adventure. Whether its a trip for work or a personal checkmark off my bucket list, each city brings something new that I take back home.


This page will be for weekly motivational quotes, recent updates and features. Everyone needs a little pick me up from time to time. The sub-link will also take you to all posted entries for the blog.

Thank you for taking this journey with me and I am excited to learn and experience this together!


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